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Welcome to Soul Awaken Gemz.

I'm so happy that we have crossed paths.

I believe that it is no accident that you have found your way here and I hope you will enjoy your visit. Soul Awaken was Created from my desire to guide women through their healing journey. My priority is that all your need are met so you may stand in your truth and walk in your Highest Power.

Women's Health is the foundation of our philosophy.

At an early age, I was able to tap into the gift God entrusted to me, as I matured into womanhood the innate gift of healing became more pronounced. As I worked with women in my career and in ministry, women entrusted my ability to spiritually support them to conceive, coupled with specific dietary options that would bring comfort and relief to the pain they were experiencing due to their feminine maladies.

After many years of my own struggle with reproductive issues and losing my fallopian tubes twice cause of atopic pregnancies, I decided to dedicate myself to helping women overcome hormonal / infertility concerns. I sought extensively after Homeopathic medicine that would bring my body into a state of Homeostasis.


Although I worked with natural remedies as a professional, I was lead into a deeper path as I studied Holistic / Ayurvedic medicine which then lead me to Queen Afua where I was initiated as a Sacred Woman and The Womb Sauna where I trained as a Womb Practitioner.
For me, the overall health of a woman is very important. We give out so much, yet receive very little in return. because of this, many of us experience feminine issues in our womb and breast. The parts of our body that nurture others, loses its strength and vitality faster than any other part of the woman's body. We also, carry the pain of others as well as our own along with trauma, unforgiveness, etc, in our womb and /or breast. This is why I've created a space to heal; Mind, Body & Spirit.

Soul Awaken, provide Services that will leave a woman feeling like the queen she is.

As you're shopping through the pages and reading the blog post,

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Soul Awaken, I am an ideal formed from The Ethers, Remember We are Spirit, Born into the Elements.

SWP Lisa  
Certified Sacred Woman Practitioner, under the guidance of Queen Afua; Certified Womb Practitioner, The Womb Sauna Certifications: Womb Wellness Practitioner, Licensed Aesthetician, Massage Technician, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner / Doula 


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