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 ZEN means "Meditation"

ZEN Bath allows you to relax and enjoy your sacred time with self as you become aware of the power within. Zen was created to assist you as you go within.

Benefits: Increase Calming, Clarity, Reduce Stress, Promotes Happiness, Insomnia, Reduce Pain



          Comfort- Make sure you've set aside time that your able  to relax with any interruptions.

          Focus on your Breathing - Take a deep breath, (from your gut) and release. Do this many  times as needed. be sure to feel the breaths and allow yourself to sink into every release. Allow the water to embody you each time you sink into your  breath release. 

            Allow your mind to clear from all activity. ( at first you will find that focusing will de difficult however, don't give up. Practice makes perfect.






Ylang Ylang


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