The IGNIS Collection

The fire of the earth is the fuel that brings “Balance” into fruition.

Whether it’s through the use of Crystal’s or Herbs, it’s the fire that allows movement to plant, then blossom into healing. 

Ignis assist healing through the use of crystals & herbal remedies when the body is imbalanced.  

Spiritually, Physically or Emotionally. These tools will connect the heart of a woman with her true nature and her womb as her power source. As she taps into her womb, a “womb-man” awakens!

Let the fire of the earth ignite your Heart as Mother Earth’s elements assist you in becoming one with your womb. 

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Yoni Eggs

Awaken your sexuality

with the practice of using Yoni Eggs.

These crystal-shaped eggs carry the energy that will awaken healing deep with your cells. 

Soul Awaken Gemz recommend the medium size yoni egg to start with because it is comfortable and easy to work with. Using the medium size yoni egg will work the pelvic muscles.

Benefits of use: 

  • Improve bladder & bowl control

  • Risk of prolapse womb

  • Increase sexual sensations

  • Increase social confidence & quality of life

  • Increase circulation

Yoni Oil

Moisturize and Protect

The skin of your vulva is extremely sensitive and can become irritated by soaps, detergents, not drinking enough water, etc. Yoni Oil will increase moisture in your vagina and vulva as it improves the quality of your vaginal tissues.

Benefits of use: 

  • coats the skin to reduce water loss

  • *Helps strengthen the skin barrier

  • *Has emollient properties, to soothe & hydrate the skin

  • *Dryness, *Itching, *Irritation, *Dehydration, *Hormone Imbalance, *Discomfort During Sexual Intercourse, * Chafing,


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Yoni Eggs