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Soul Awaken Mission


Our Mission here at “Soul Awaken” is to provide healing to the whole person through the use of tools from the Earths Elements, which will bring balance to you Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.  

Our products are structured under Natures Elements that best describes where they come from and how they are used. Each Element will nurture you as you prevent Dis-ease and Manifest Healing, Harmony and Balance into your life.

Introducing our Healing Tools by Elements:

Aqua, you will find comfort and a peace of mind as we bring the sauna into the privacy of your home. The use of these tools will heal in skin, sooth muscles, aching joints and balance the mind and spirit.

Terra, speaks to every woman by introducing her to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is here to assist you as you become one with yourself. Woman of all ages have lost their way because of the demands life present to them.  Using these tools will connect the woman with her true nature, “Her Womb” the power source of Womb-man. As she taps into the womb, she awakens her true self.  There are also over 25 Diseases managed through the use of the Herbal Blends gifted by nature’s beauty.

Ignis, the fire of the earth gifts us with beautiful gemstones to adorn our bodies as well as to use for manifestations, protection, healing, prosperity, raising vibrations etc., whatever your desire, we have the gem for you.

Aer, keeps you up to date with what’s New @Soul Awaken and introduces you to other Business Creators. We believe that collaborating with other entrepreneurs’ will bring a level of healing to our communities, small businesses and our heart as we unity in business.

We also provide consultations and are available for speaking engagements. With the focus on the woman’s health and wellness, we want to teach how we can bring Harmony & Balance into the house hold through first bring healing to the woman. We believe that love for self is the beginning to healing and structure to our homes, families and bodies.

Thank you for your support and desire to heal yourself naturally. We love you and want to get to know you more intimately. Please sign up for our Blog discussions, bring your questions, opinions and request. Your positive input is welcomed as we encourage one another and support one another in our healing journey.   



Love, Lisa

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