Red Jasper can be used as the menopausal transitional stone. It enhances strength, stamina and provides mental clarity. The vibration of Red Jasper can help to activate sexual energy. It is commonly used for lack of sexual interest. It helps one to release shame or guilt surrounding sex.

Properties ~ Fancy Jasper is the tranquility stone and is a good protection stone. It provides a sense of gentleness and relaxation bringing comfort, healing and peaceful endings. 


  • Connecting with Your Egg:

    To acclimate yourself with your egg, you can wear it in your bra. This will get you comfortable with its

    energy. When the time is right (you will know) you may insert the egg.

    In the beginning, only wear it for an hour. As you become more comfortable with the feel of it, you can

    sleep with it. Sleeping with it inserted will help you to hold it longer. Lying down is easier because it

    won’t fall out as you’re building the muscles. When you’re ready you can start wearing your egg.

    Practice wearing it on the weekend or when you will be home all day.

    Before Insertion:

    *Use a mild soap to wash the egg

    *Bring a pot of water to a boil

    *Let the water cool and then place egg in the warm water for 5 minutes

    *After 5 minutes, place the egg in a bowl of cold water to cool it down

    *You will need to coat the egg with coconut oil before inserting the egg

    *Always wash the egg with a mild soap after use and again before inserting