Emotional Relief will bring a fresh cleaning feeling to your womb as it breaks down at a cellular level Of Endometriosis tissue. Leaving your womb in a relaxed state. 

Benefits:   Relief of Cramps

                Incrrease Circulation to the Uterus

                Reduce Pelvic Adhesiions 


Milk Thistle- Balance Hormones. PCOS, 

Yarrow Root - Reduce Heavy Bleeding, Eliminate Pelvic Congestion. Stimulate Menstrual Flow. Relief Painful Menstruation

Dandelion- Blood Cleanser, Reduce Inflammation, Liver Cleanser, Fights Cancer Cells

Dong Quai - Pain Relief. Maintain a healthy Environment in the Uteru, Balance Hormones, Healthy Estrogen Levels, Metabolizing Excess Estrogen 


(All Steams Show Results Over a Period of Time)

Emotional Relief


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