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The Importance of Breast Massage

Breast Massage is very beneficial to a woman's over all health. Some of the benefits include firming and balancing hormones. However, most importantly massage will rid the breast of toxin, drain the lymphatic system which will encourage nutrient rich blood to circulate in the tissue for healthy cells to grow. Most importantly, Breast Massage along with yearly mammograms will help to detect early signs / stages of Breast cancer.

The Breasts consist of fat and glands mounted by a very delicate system of ligaments, nerves, lymph vessels, lymph nodes and blood vessels. The lymph system is the vehicle for removing toxin and abnormal cells out of the body.

Wearing a bra for long periods of time will increases the woman's risk of breast cancer, verses those who wear a bra for a shorter amount of time. The reason for this is that a bra restricts movement of the lymphatic vessels. These vessels are designed to remove accumulated toxin that flows from the breast cells, into the blood and body. When the lymph vessels are flattened by the bra, the toxin can not flow naturally. This is why it's important to massage the breast on a regular basis.