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Transform & Rebuild

Transform & Rebuild with an Obsidian Yoni Egg

The Obsidian Stone is formed at the core of the earth. Over billions of years this stone has produced active electromagnetic energy which produces a great change. I’ve read that obsidian surrounds the Earth and as the heat & pressure of the Earth fuses the obsidian it causes

Yoni Egg, Obsidian

the obsidian to become crystallized, than moves through the surface of the earth. This beautiful stone also is said to contain the same quality found in the woman’s body, her WOMB! (Dr. Jewel Pookrum M.D. PH.D.)

As the Obsidian Yoni Egg is incapsulated in the womb it purifies the whole bodies energy system. It’s vibrational energy travels through the vertebral column to balance the chakras system. This will bring balance and harmonize the mind, body & soul, making it easy to move through life on purpose.

When working with the Obsidian Yoni Egg, you’ll find that the root chakra will becomes grounding and connecting to the earth, bringing forth strengthen and empowerment. As the Obsidian Stone works at the cellular level it’s able to remove energetic cords from past relationships and establish a conscious connection between ones Womb and the Womb of the Earth that heals and unlock generational curses and subconscious behaviors. This will bring forth the healing of ones self-esteem for the claiming of personal power

As this Stone is a very Protective Stone, it protects against abuse and is used to cut unhealthy attachments. This is what makes it the perfect stone for assisting in the healing of one that have suffered sexual trauma/abuse. <