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We at WombCry Institute welcome you as you embrace the fundamental Sacred tools needed to become a Womb Practitioner.


Abut Subira and SWP Lisa are here to assist you through your studies.

Trained under the tutelage of Queen Afua and Thema Azize Serwa, we’ve gained the wisdom and knowledge of Womb Wellness that will not only assist you with clients but also enhance the quality of your own womb health.

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WombCry Represents how the Indigenous people cared for the Health of the Women and as a Ceremonial/Cultural event marking a Rites of Passage. 


WombCry is more than sitting on a pot.
Healing the whole woman’s body Spiritually, Mentally and Physically will create a space of homeostasis (balance). 

Through this 12-week course, learn how to heal your own womb concerns.

Become A Certified Womb Practitioner.

Start date: 1st week in Sept. 2020

Early Registration ends July 20, 2020

Why become a Practitioner?

• Help women to heal • Bring comfort to other women
• Fight against Infertility • Bring Balance & Harmony
• Because you’ve been called

Mission of WombCry Institute  


Our Mission here at “WombCry Institute” is to provide a Holistic Approach Curriculum that will address the whole person through the use of tools from the Earth's Elements, which will bring balance to one, on a Spiritual, Physical and Mental level, to prevent Dis-ease and Manifest Healing, Harmony and Balance, resulting in comfort and a peace of mind.


Each Course has been structured with great respect and honor to the cultural legacy of the ancient practice of Womb Steaming.  We value the art of education and believe that our method of training, through each module/lesson has been carefully developed to bring the awareness that the Most High have created the human body to heal itself.  


We believe, Mother Earth is here to assist us in becoming one with her in the form of Womb Practitioners.  We want all women to experience equal and fair opportunity when it comes to Women’s needs and health concerns, specifically Infertility and Womb Conditions.


We stand on the belief that there is “no” such thing as, “Unexplained Infertility”. This is why we’ve created a platform of educators that will train and development a community of Practitioners & Entrepreneurs, who places emphasis on Balancing the Reproductive & Endocrine System to offer an equal opportunity to women who have been mishandled and unheard.


As we unite in the awareness of Reproductive/Breast/Uterine Concerns & Woman Mental Health, we plan to uplift one another, and to give back the voice to all women who have been suffering in silence.

Wisdom Creates Internal Peace




Course Overview

Part 1 

Course Overview

Module 1

History of Womb Steaming

The ancient practice of smoking/detoxing has been a part of the Indigenous Cultures for Centuries. What, Where, When, Why & How will be discussed to give a clear view of this practice and how it continues today in the lives of women.

Module 2

Professional Image of  a Womb Practitioner
Professionalism & Conduct as it deals with your Community, Opportunity & Merchandising in the Profession of Womb Steaming.


Module 3

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners

Know your Rights and Obligations as a WombCry Practitioner in the world of a now recognized Profession.

 Module 4


Learn the types of bacteria and how they can affect the human body. Focus is on the Reproductive System.

Module 5

Sterilization & Sanitation

Learn the difference between the two and gain knowledge on the best method for your practice.


Module 6


How steam affects the Endocrine System and cells of the body.


Cells & Anatomy

Looking at an individual cell and how it functions to make up the Reproductive System and Endocrine System.

 Module 7

Uterine & Ovarian Conditions

Types of disorders that affect the Reproductive System, from Cyst, Fibroids, Endometriosis etc. 

 Module 8

Reasons for Infertility & Yoni Eggs

Concerns surrounding infertility, and how it can affect one's psyche. 

Module 9

Menopause & Breast Health

The sensitive concerns related around the ending of a woman’s life cycle and how crucial it is that she attends to her total health through exercise, food, vitamins, and minerals.

Module 10

    Nutrition & Conception

The important role nutrition plays in fertility, conception, and pregnancy.

Course Performance Review

Part 2

Womb Reading & Business Planning

How a womb reading can guide you on how you work with a client. 

Meditation, Herbs, & Flower Essence

Learn to make herbal remedies that can bring homeostasis to one’s Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Reiki, Benefits of Touch, Reflexology, Singing Bowl

Modalities that can be added to each served.

Master Class Course Review

Review for final exam

Meet Founders & Instructors

Abut Subira

Abut Subira has been living a Wholistic lifestyle for over 20 years.  As a Womb Wellness Practitioner, she is dedicated to serving women of all ages; ensuring they receive the love and care required to heal naturally. She intimately understands the struggles many women experience because of her own life experiences.  She feels that healing begins with

self-care; mind-body-spirit.  

It starts with you. 


Womb Wellness Practitioner;

Sacred Woman Priestess;

Sacred Woman Practitioner/Mentor; Lifestyle Change Coach; Reiki;

Chakra Balancing; Educator;

Natural Time Initiation

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Subira's Expressions...coming soon

SWP Lisa

At an early age, SWP Lisa was able to tap into the gift God entrusted to her. She  studied Holistic/Ayurvedic Medicine which then lead her to Queen Afua where she was initiated as a Sacred Woman Practitioner(SWP) and The Womb Sauna where she trained as a Womb Practitioner. She is proficient in her skills as she assist women in taking back their power to heal themselves. Whether it’s spiritually, mentally, or physically she is committed to helping women tap into the divine woman

they are destined to be.


Womb Wellness Practitioner;

Licensed Aesthetician; Massage Technician; Reiki; Reflexology; Aromatherapy; Chakra Crystal Healing; and studying for Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching 

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About Us

Meet Our Guest Master Teachers

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.51.15 AM.png

Sabrina L. Keeton

Sacred Woman; 

Certified Reiki; Certified Health Coach & Gut Health; and Owner of Queens United Wholistic Center LLC

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.19.07 AM.png

Ayesha Koukoui

  • Instagram

Owner & Creator of Wildflower Wellness, Beauty & Botanica; Ashtanga Yoga Guide & Kemetic Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner; Queen Afua's Sacred Woman Practitioner; 

Womb Yoga Dance Instructor; & Tarot Reader

Eleanor Smith.jpeg

Mrs. Eleanor Smith

RN, MSN, LNC. Worked in various areas of nursing such as Medical Surgical, Long-term Care, Psychiatric, Orthopedics, Corrections, & School Nursing. Currently working at Delaware Technical Community College as a Nursing Instructor.

Jahfari bigger.jpg

Jahfari Diane Milner

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Sacred Woman; Ordained Minister;  Reiki  Master;  Holistic Clinical Counselor,  M.S., CADC II, ICADC II, RM, CHHC, MATS


Kerrie T. Washington

Founder of NOVA Holistic Massage & Energy Healing; Certified Reiki (Energy Healing) Master & Teacher; Sacred Woman; 

 Licensed Massage Therapist and Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Meet Master Teachers

What is included with your enrollment?

• Access to Master Teachers training workshops

• Access to our WombCry Practitioners weekly trainings

• 1-on-1 mentorship calls while in training 
• Access to our private online Facebook community 

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Register to Enroll

Registration Fee $50.00

Course is $500.00

With early registration, No Registration fee will be charged. Therefore, upon registration, the first payment of $166.66 is due.

Payment Plan is 3 payments of $166.66.

Early registration ends July 20, 2020

Once registration and/or first payment is received, you will receive your login and password for access to the course.  It will not be activated until August 29th, one week before class officially starts.

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