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Yoni Wands

Charge You Sexual Energy Through the Act of Pleasure

Soul Awakens Yoni Wands are used to bring healing to the total body, starting from the inside out. Each Wand has it's own  specific energy that meets your needs as you use it. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to heal Physically, Mentally & Spiritually.

We believe that Self Love through the act of touch and pleasure  is a great vice to start the process of  healing yourself. We recommend that you start with one of our wands to  help you become comfortable with yourself.


The act of self love is special as it is personal. When choosing your wand you want to chose the one that will allow your yoni to heal from trauma, hurt or abuse, etc. Whatever the need we desire to comfort you as we support you in your journey to wholeness.

Why Should You Use A Yoni Wand:

* To Become One With Yourself

*To Get Comfortable With Touch

*To Learn What You Like Sexually

* To Charge Your Sexual Organs With Positive Vibrations

*Self Pleasure

Yoni Wands:

G-Spot  Wand - This beautiful gem is designed with one thing in mind.    The G- Spot! beautifully curved to stimulate one of your most sensitive erogenous zones, this mini G-Spot Wand will make you shudder from head to toe! The small curved ends are specifically angled to make it easier for you to find and pleasure your G-Spot.


Straight - Go as deep as you dare with this large Yoni Wand. Designed to fill up every inch of your vagina for new pleasure spots and maximum sensation. Use the tip of your  Yoni wand for cervix play, the magical gateway to your womb. Allow yourself to enjoy  the journey. Be intuitive, dive deep and surrender to the blissful sensations deep inside you.

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